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Years of experience in developing enterprise-level solutions for the clients we champion. 

Verra Asia is a group of high-octane individuals who are solutions-driven and people-centric. Our sophistication lies in developing elegant, effective strategies that our SME clients can take to market, to grow their businesses.

Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Leong

Olivia Leong believes that all great businesses lead with purpose. Over a corporate career spanning more than two decades, she has helped clients find and develop their voice, and create strategies that supercharge their brands. She spent 8 years at American Express as Head of Customer Acquisition and 11 years at Visa, where she acquired a 360 view of what makes businesses succeed. Her leadership has guided teams to achievement and profound success through innovations and practices that engender constant growth.

Project Manager

Vanessa Yeo

Vanessa studied for her Bachelors in Communications at RMIT University. Vanessa has had stints account managing, content creating, and social media handling for a multitude of clients. In her off time, Vanessa lives a not-so-secret life at LAN shops, chasing idols, and watching her Korean dramas.

Marketing Associate

Justin Ian Chia

Justin Ian Chia holds a MA Degree in English Literature from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Before he specialised in crafting branded content at Verra Asia, he previously taught Literature and History at NTU. His passion for the arts stems from the first ever movie he watched: Beauty and the Beast. What he loves most in life is spending time with his belle, Chrys.

Management Associate

Ying Zhong

Ying Zhong is a solutions-driven individual who strives to provide maximum value to the clients he serves. He believes in continuous upskilling and being on top of industry best practice to ensure best-in-class recommendations. He is passionate about developing growth strategies, overseeing execution, and improving with every iteration. Ying Zhong strikes a careful balance between being creative and analytical in his approach, propelled by his innate entrepreneurial spirit.

Head of Client Engagement

Czaraim Carreon

Czaraim Carreon is a full-stack marketer on a mission to learn something new every day. He honed his storytelling and client management skills as a project manager in Singapore Press Holding Ltd’s content marketing department, and have since picked up skills in areas of graphic design, branding, digital marketing and business development.

Marketing Analyst

Daphnie Leong

Daphnie studied Digital Animation at Nanyang Technological University. Before Verra Asia, Daphnie worked for the DC Edit and has experience in writing articles for their website as well as creatives such as illustrations, motion graphics, and video shooting and post-production. When not gazing wistfully at expensive art supplies, Daphnie steadily worsens her eyesight by reading novels in dim lighting and surfing Wikipedia for hours.

Business Development Manager

Winnie Ng

As Verra Asia’s Business Development Manager, Winnie is responsible for assessing a prospect’s needs, in order to formulate fit-for-purpose growth solutions that are aligned with their business objectives. Winnie employs a perceptive approach in building client relationships, often anticipating timely and forward-looking solutions that serve to benefit clients in the long run.