HiDoc is a telemedicine app launched in Singapore on January 2019. The unique, specialists only app serves to increase convenience for patients by providing virtual consultations, online health records, and an e-shop on app.

Event Launch

Verra Asia was delighted to be able to support HiDoc’s launch, including the design and production of various collaterals needed to support the HiDoc team and their specialists.

Earned Media and Awareness Campaigns

To generate awareness, Verra Asia also worked with media partners to announce the launch of HiDoc. It was an exciting period for the MedTech industry and HiDoc was able to ride on the wave of technological innovations within the industry. This engagement garnered HiDoc over 20 media coverages across major publications in a short span of 1 month.

Lead Generation through Digital Marketing

With the heightened awareness from earned media, Verra Asia seized the traction gained and launched a digital marketing campaign targeted at acquiring downloads of the HiDoc app. Verra Asia handled the end-to-end management of the campaign, from content creation, Facebook marketing, and search engine marketing. With these tactics, HiDoc saw a 13x increase in app downloads in just the first month.

Website Design and Development

Verra Asia also worked to improve the UI/UX of HiDoc’s website. The narrative was rewritten to better communicate HiDoc’s value proposition, ease of use, and the user journey. Furthermore, Verra Asia also developed a set of creatives to visually communicate HiDoc’s product features.

Content Development

To create a differentiated experience, we leveraged multiple digital touch points to create an omni-channel landscape.

Verra Asia applied their expertise in content development, customer-centric storytelling, and digital marketing to develop a collection of stories geared at positioning HiDoc as a thought leader in the wellness industry. This platform is called HiDoc Pulse.

Content creation also involved multiple stakeholders, such as doctors who were invited to share their medical expertise and teleconsultation scenarios to better the patient-doctor relationship.

We are proud to have been a part of HiDoc’s launch and initial growth in the new and exciting telemedicine scene in Singapore.