HiDoc Case Study

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In 2018, Singapore-based HealthTech startup, HiDoc, appointed Verra Asia to spearhead their marketing efforts. HiDoc is a platform that connects patients with specialists from the convenience of their devices. The centralised platform also allows patients to store their personal health records, which specialists can access with the patient’s permissions.

The founders of HiDoc, Dr Christina Low and Carolyn Goh were on a mission: to simplify healthcare by leveraging technology. With their wide network of specialists and technological expertise, they were primed to augment the medical landscape in Singapore.

Activating HiDoc’s brand

As a newly set-up company, Verra Asia organised and executed HiDoc’s official launch party. The showcase saw over 50 attendees, most of whom were from the medical industry. Guests were invited to learn more about HiDoc’s core service offerings with explainer videos supported by HiDoc’s staff on the ground to give a more in-depth explanation. A fireside chat facilitated by CTO and Co-founder Carolyn Goh wrapped up the evening on a high, and signified the beginning of HiDoc’s journey as a fast-moving HealthTech startup.

 Crafting an omni-channel strategy

 Over the next 5 months, Verra Asia worked closely with HiDoc’s founders to shape the brand’s narrative and to differentiate itself from close competitors in the market. These points of differentiation were constantly called out in the collaterals that were subsequently produced, including investor pitch decks, media coverages and other creative assets.

To maximise reach, Verra Asia also explored how HiDoc could activate its distribution channels to drive more app downloads. Partner clinics were incentivised to encourage their patients to book consults virtually with campaign mechanics that rewarded clinics who accumulate the most downloads. Verra Asia supported this effort by creating electronic direct mailers which HiDoc could amplify to clinics on their database.

Verra Asia also crafted a content marketing strategy, paving the way to create a HiDoc content hub which would house thought-leadership articles from medical professionals, listicles centred around health and other interactive media to create awareness and consideration.  


Verra Asia’s partnership with HiDoc has enabled the company to grow and learn key strategies in the B2B sector. It has refined the business’s core products and helped the company expand their team to support the influx of new projects. Both startups have gone through a steep learning curve over the last couple of months but with a fervent desire to climb strategically, Verra Asia hopes to continually learn and grow with HiDoc as they strive for success.